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Additional Services

Directory Assistance


Kansas Relay will relay Directory Assistance (DA) calls between TTY users and the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) DA operator.​

Once the caller makes the DA request, the Communications Assistant will contact the appropriate DA operator.​

After obtaining the number, the caller may choose to place the call through relay or dial it directly TTY to TTY.

Voicemail/Answering Machine Retrieval


TTY users can request Kansas Relay to retrieve messages from their voice answering machines or voicemail.

To request answering machine retrieval, type “AMR” with instructions or password and then “GA” (Go Ahead.)

The Communications Assistant will type, “PLS PLCE YOUR HANDSET NEXT TO YOUR ANS MACHINE AND TURN ON GA.” Place your handset on the speaker part of the answering machine until all messages have been retrieved.

Then place the handset back on the TTY and type “GA.” The Communications Assistant will type your messages.

TTY Public Payphones

711 or any toll-free relay numbers

Did you know that some public pay phones have built-in TTYs? Local relay calls won’t cost you a dime, including those placed by voice callers to TTY users. Long-distance relay calls may be billed to another number or a calling card at no extra charge.

Calls made via payphones will be processed without charge to the end user.  The relay user will not be required to deposit coins or provide other payment methods.

International Relay Service


Kansas Relay allows you to place and receive calls to and from anywhere in the world using English or Spanish. Callers from a country outside the United States may also access Kansas Relay by calling 1-605-224-1837.